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Folk Song Rhythm Mats

Folk Song Rhythm Mats


Folk Song Rhythm Mats are designed for Classroom Centers and Rhythmic Assessment.  Students identify rhythms in the first two lines of popular children's folk songs by placing the included 2¼" Stick Notation Magnets under corresponding words.  Durable, flexible 12-mat set includes two 14-piece sets of stick notation magnets (Student Packs)


Songs include: "Acka Backa", "Apple Tree", "Basketball, Basketball", "Bounce High, Bounce Low", "Bee, Bee, Bumble Bee", "Cobbler, Cobbler", "Doggy, Doggy", "Engine, Engine, Number Nine", "Rain, Rain, Go Away", "See-Saw",  and "Snail, Snail", and "Teddy Bear".

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