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D-I-Y Fingering Flash Cards

Our DIY Fingering Chart Flash Cards are a perfect example of the innovative tools we offer. These cards are printed on both sides of 4” x 6” cards with a music staff on the front and a blank fingering chart on the back.  These pre-printed cards save valuable class time and the headaches caused by students making their own from index cards. Each card is perfect for students to draw a note on the front and then fill in its corresponding fingering and note name on the back. These cards save time and promote better retention of new fingerings and note names. Order your pack today and get ready to take your musical abilities to the next level!

Available in woodwind, brass, mallet percussion, recorder, and string instruments.


They are packaged in quantities of 30 cards (enough for 2 octaves) in a reclosable zip-lock bag so that a pack can easily be handed out to each student.

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