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Acrylic Brag Tag Student Incentives

Premier Music Teaching Aids LLC is proud to offer Brag Tags, a unique way to recognize and reward student achievements. Our high-quality acrylic Brag Tags are 1 ½" round and are ready to attach to the 6" chain (sold separately).  They come in a variety of designs to choose from and they're the perfect size to attach to a backpack, instrument case or locker. Not only do these tags make students feel special, but they also improve their confidence and build morale within your organization. Order yours today and see the difference it makes in your students' motivation.​

Acrylic Brag Tags Hanging On Locker
Acrylic Brag Tags Hanging on Backpack
Acrylic Brag Tags Attached to an Instrument Case

Pricing starts at $.95 and the price will lower for the total of all the Brag Tag designs selected.  The reduced price will be in the cart.

    0 - 249 - $0.95 ea
250 - 499 - $0.90 ea
500 - 999 - $0.85 ea
     1000+ - $0.80 ea

6" Chains - $0.15 each 

Contact us at either 903.839.6996 or to order over 250 Brag Tags for bulk pricing.

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Brag Tag Sample Request
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This sample request is limited to the United States.
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